The autumn season will also see seven FiRST BiTES - Ovalhouse’s programme of exciting new works-in- development. They offer an early peek at the work Ovalhouse might be supporting over the next few seasons and give the chance for audiences to offer their feedback to help shape what each piece will become. The work might be unfinished or rough around the edges, but the ideas will certainly be vibrant.

The seven new FiRST BiTES are:

SOMETHING ELSE by Leigh/ Obolewicz/ O’Connor A post- digital Bonnie and Clyde

ALL THAT LIVES by Tatty Hennessy An alternative black history about a woman whose cells outlived her

WORK PLAY by Nick Field Cupcake games and surreal office politics

HERE’S HOPING by Accidental Collective Looking for a chink of light in these dark times

SAUDADE by Xavier de Sousa What it means to be a migrant: Saudade is a Portuguese word for longing

f ABUELO by Amahra Spence A young black woman and the legacy of her storytelling grandfather

STILL by The Future is Unwritten Celebrates the life and work of American street photographer Vivian Maier

Ovalhouse is a lively theatre and arts centre on the Kennington Oval, opposite the famous cricket ground. For the past 50 years, Ovalhouse has been part of the London fringe, providing development and performance space to experimental, radical and overlooked artists. Whether you love a show or not there is always so much talk about after a performance here! Today Ovalhouse is known for theatre and performance that speaks to a world beyond the mainstream, and continues to be a vital home for boundary-pushing art and artists with an eye on the future.

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Ovalhouse’s autumn season 2015 celebrates the fantastical amidst the everyday. FABULISM is a form of magical realism in which fantastical elements are placed into an everyday setting.

This autumn Ovalhouse opens its doors to the possibilities of FABULISM allowing the mundane to become magical and the ordinary to become extraordinary. Under the fabulous FABULISM umbrella, will be:

Slip of Steel’s How does a snake shed its skin? - an anarchic one-woman show about Margaret Thatcher, Virginia Woolf and Marilyn Monroe.

Dark and Lovely by Selina Thompson which invites you inside the Tumbleweave to explore being black, British and female.

FanSHEN’s Invisible Treasure (in collaboration with Hellicar&Lewis) which creates an interactive digital playspace where our actions can change everything. This is an electrifying exploration of human relationships, power structures and individual agency.

Gary Kitching & Greyscale’s Me and Mr C -the ventriloquist dummy inside your head who sees all you see, knows all you know, hears all you hear and sometimes, if you are very unlucky, tells you what he thinks of it all.

then LEAP from Laura Lindow and The Lowry which looks into the almost forgotten past and our attempts to let go. It is a work about how sometimes you have to go backwards in order to move on.
It’s about taking a leap.

Rachel Briscoe, Director of Theatre, comments, ‘Fabulism is a collection of work which combines the ordinary and extraordinary. When we looked at this season, we were struck by how the shows were so different . in subject, form, and audience experience . but there was something about all of them which felt both reassuringly familiar and excitingly peculiar. This combination, this fabulism, is central to what Ovalhouse exists to do: combine an acknowledgement of how things are with a playfulness around how they could be if we turned the rules inside out. We may be a small theatre in south London where the internet goes at snail-speed when it rains, but the artists we’re working with are magic.’