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Horatio teaches Modern History to four privileged teenagers in Elsnore; Laertes, his sister Ophelia, who is in love with Hamlet, Hamlet himself and his slippery friend, Rosencrantz.

Life could not be worse for Hamlet. He is late for class. His uncle has  murdered  his father and his mother has married him. Everyone knows of course, including Hamlet who holds the proof in a letter written to him by his dying father.

Never paralysed by the task ahead, Hamlet rages against the impossibility of his predicament with matters getting completely out of hand and everyone dying a very nasty death.

Hamlet is Shakespeare’s most iconic work. Completed in 1601 and now brought refreshingly up to date, the play explodes with modern ideas and is the ultimate story of loyalty, love, betrayal, murder and madness.

In this stripped-back, fresh and fast-paced version, emerging actress Rachel Waring, at the age of 26, the youngest women ever to play the eponymous Prince, creates a deliciously ferocious and devious protagonist delivering some of the greatest soliloquies in the English language.

With a running time of just one and hour forty minutes, none of the elements are missed in this hugely entertaining, fast paced black comedy that ends in utter tragedy. Following their sell-out season at Oxford Castle, English Rep come to London with this unique and critically acclaimed production of Shakespeare's tragedy.

Now that Hamlet has become the most searched for theatre event of all time there is no doubt that audiences can be well rewarded with a London preview from this acclaimed repertory company prior to their forthcoming National season.


Tuesday 17th February to Sunday 15th March.
Tuesdays - Saturdays - 7.30pm
Matinees every Saturday and Sundays
1st and 15th March - 2.30pm

Gateforth Street London NW8 8EH