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Local performers join with the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A) and Complicité to bring early modern dress and comedia to the birthing grounds of the Notting Hill Carnival. The resulting performance will explore the origins of carnival practices that reflect society, and turn it on its head.

The creators write: “Inspired by the traditions of Commedia dell'Arte a new outdoor performance recreates the riot of colour, noise and drama of the masquerade. Carnival Journeys sees local theatre creators working with directors from acclaimed theatre company Complicité to explore the origins of Commedia and carnival in a new public performance.”

V&A in partnership with Complicité Creative Learning and with support from the Royal Brorough of Kensington and Chelsea's InTRANSIT Festival As part of the V&A & King's College, London AHRC-funded research project Early Modern Dress In Your Hands.

Each summer, InTRANSIT provides exciting avenues for people of all ages to explore and enjoy innovative experimentation and new artistic collaborations in places and spaces across Kensington and Chelsea.

Now in its tenth year, the festival celebrates the changing urban landscape, making use of public and private spaces throughout the borough. InTRANSIT 2016 runs from Friday 17 to Sunday 26 June.

The theme for InTRANSIT 2016 is ‘Strange Bedfellows: The Attraction of Opposites’. The programme explores a series of contrasts in life that illuminate and enrich one another.

A wide variety of events and productions, many with exciting participatory elements, await the curious: a temporary shelter in a Georgian Square; a bureaucrat’s approach to Punk; a singing estate agent and an artist who’ll put “ketchup on your cornflakes”; InTRANSIT offers a plethora of opportunities to get together and explore something different.

InTRANSIT is curated by production and design team O'Neill/Ross, experienced producers of site-based work, working closely with artists to animate the streets and some less-familiar spaces of Kensington and Chelsea. Helen Scarlett O’Neill and Harry Ross were the design and production team behind Secret Cinema between 2010 and 2013. They also devised the London Contemporary Orchestra’s RPS-nominated immersive concert series ‘Imagined Occasions’, and are the duo behind Fruit for the Apocalypse and Surrealist Taxi. Consummate collaborators, they spend a lot of their time mentoring emerging artists. This is the third year in a row that they have curated the InTRANSIT Festival.

InTRANSIT Festival is core-funded and coordinated by the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea Arts Service. It was launched in 2007 to encourage artists and organisations to make art and performance outside of traditional exhibition spaces. Now in its tenth year, the festival presents an ever expanding stable of emerging and established artists, both local and international – to ever larger and ever more appreciative audiences.